Photographer Alexandra Rostad @ Little Runaway Photography

And though she be but little, she is fierce.  - W. Shakespeare


a little about me...

My name is Alexandra.

I love traveling, reading, kickboxing, taking photos and hanging out with my dogs.

I'm creative, honest, hard working and a little too sarcastic.

I currently am residing in South Carolina. but i'm a wanderer so i can never stay

one place too long.

My two dogs, Grey and Clementine, are often forced to be my models when we are out exploring new areas of South Carolina together.

I am originally from a small town in Minnesota but over the years have lived in several states.

My siblings and I are actually spread out across the country. 

I'm a huge movie nerd, and like most people nowadays, I love Netflix. 

I'm a lot older than i look. 

I love camping and outdoor adventures. 

I love ALL creatures from spiders to elephants. I've actually held a tarantula!

A long time dream of mine had been to travel to Ireland, I was finally able to cross that off my bucket list last May!

I've been taking photos since i was able to hold a camera. 

I love getting people excited and happy to have their photo or their pets photo taken.  

I love meeting amazing couples/families and taking photos that they will be holding onto for the rest of their lives. To if only for a day, become part of their family.



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